Art of the Day: FWADA Fall Gallery Night – Save the Date




FORT WORTH, TEXAS, August 23, 2016—The Fort Worth Art Dealers Association (FWADA) will present its annual Fall Gallery Night, Saturday, September 10, at art spaces and commercial venues throughout the city. Fall Gallery Night runs from noon to 9:00 p.m. at most locations, and includes exhibitions, live demonstrations, music, and other special events. See the list below and the Gallery Night Guide for exhibition details and specific hours of operation.

More than forty art galleries (including several pop-ups), museums, retail businesses, and restaurants will participate in the community-wide event. Gallery Night is free and open to the public.

Produced and organized by FWADA, Fall Gallery Night is also sponsored by Ard Knox Insurance, Arts + Culture magazine, Camp Bowie District, Fort Worth Weekly, Martin & Martin Design, and Signature Image. Restaurant sponsors include 360 Catering & Events, Blue Mesa Grill, Piola Italian Restaurant and Garden, and Winslow’s Wine Café.


Download the Gallery Night Guide.

The Fort Worth Art Dealers Association is a unique arts organization in a unique American place. To fulfill its stated mission to stimulate interest in the visual arts through educational programs, art scholarships, and art competitions, FWADA organizes, funds, and hosts exhibitions of noteworthy art. It sponsors the thirty-eight-year-old Fall Gallery Night for members and friends, as well as Spring Gallery Night, now more than twenty years strong. The members of the Fort Worth Art Dealers Association are pledged to the maintenance of a high standard of ethical conduct and professional integrity; these businesses furnish a model that gallery associations in other cities might do well to emulate. FWADA is to be commended for its important role as a contributor to the cultural and esthetic richness of Fort Worth.

FWADA members include the Amon Carter Museum of American Art; the Arlington Museum of Art; Artes de la Rosa; Art on the Boulevard; Artspace 111; Atrium Gallery: UNT Health Science Center; Fort Works Art; Fort Worth Community Arts Center; Gallery 414; the Kimbell Art Museum; Lakeview Gallery: Tarrant County College Northwest Campus; McAnthony’s Multicultural Studio and Gallery; the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth; Rebecca Low Sculptural Metal Gallery & Studio; the Sid Richardson Museum; SiNaCa Studios School of Glass; The Art Galleries at TCU: Fort Worth Contemporary Arts; The Art Galleries at TCU: Moudy Gallery; The Gallery at UTA, University of Texas at Arlington; The Upstairs Gallery; Weiler House Fine Art Gallery; and William Campbell Contemporary Art.

Shea Patterson Young
Executive Director of FWADA
Curator, Atrium Gallery
UNT Health Science Center
3500 Camp Bowie Blvd.
Fort Worth, TX 76107

Phone: 817.735.0301


Amon Carter Museum of American Art
Gallery Night Hours: 10:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m.
Free admission
On view through October 9: Identity. Identity explores how identity in American culture is often as much about how people present themselves to the world as it is externally determined. Exploring community, celebrity, and individual identity through portraiture from the Amon Carter’s permanent collection, the exhibition highlights the exciting new acquisitions of Sedrick Huckaby’s The 99% and Glenn Ligon’s print series Runaways.Image: Sedrick Huckaby (b. 1975), #028 Vic, 2012–13. From The 99%Highland Hills, lithograph. ©2013 Sedrick Huckaby, Amon Carter Museum of American Art, Fort Worth, Texas.
Art on the BoulevardGallery Night Hours: noon–9:00 p.m.
On view through September 29: The art of Gale Johnston and Gloria Sepp. Both artists work in an abstract style which can be described as exciting, imaginative, and fresh. Other artists participating in the exhibition include Robert Berry, Andrea Chicotsky, Todd Ford, Bob Fox, Dolores Hibbard, Loretta LaMothe, Jennifer Stufflebeam, and Clara Williams.

Light refreshments will be served.

Atrium Gallery:
UNT Health Science Center

Gallery Night Hours: noon–9:00 p.m.On view: Sense of Celebration: 2016. Soon Warren is an internationally known artist, an accomplished author, and teacher. She has an incredible ability to re-create natural forms on paper and canvas, making them even more beautiful than the originals. She works to express the essence of subject matter. Soon is participating in, and curating, this exhibition of her associates’ works. The paintings are vibrant, compelling, and awe inspiring. We will have ongoing watercolor demonstrations in the gallery. Don’t miss works by these featured artists: Marianna Alfaro, Rhonda Barefield, Dr. Denis Benjamin, Sue Boyd, Karen Brown, Martha Cooper, Debbie Downing, Debbie Ford, Janet Gean, Sue Guinn, Armida Guzman, Gemma Haas, Robin Huttash, Karen LaBoon, Connie Logan Levsen, Mona Miller, Kay Muller, Paula Neighbors, Lucy Oppermann, Allyce Peters, Vikki Pier, Veronica Ritchey, Ruth W. Toler, Soon Y. Warren, and Martha Wright.
Fort Worth Community Arts Center
Gallery Night Hours: 9:00 a.m.–9:00 p.m.On view: Focus Gallery One: Codes of Culture: Works by Andrea Gonzales, curated by Lauren Cross; Focus Gallery Two: In Vitro: New Works by Molly Valentine Dierks, sculptural installations; Preservation is the Art of the City, over fifty artists with featured artist John Hartley, presented by Historic Fort Worth; Art-Hunger with The Workbook Show, a display of personal sketchbooks; Doug Clark in Fort Worth, All Year, sculptures and paintings from locations in Fort Worth; Endangered Series: Elephants, ceramic work by Stormie Parker; Paint Can Fly! V, a group exhibition; FW15, an exhibition by fifteen women artists; Rando, a collection of odd images by three odd people: Ethan Bowen, Cameron Hinnijosa, and Travis Sykes.
Gallery 76102
Gallery Night Hours: noon–9:00 p.m.On view: Amuse Bouche. Founded by Fort Worth art collectives Bobby on Drums and Exhibitionists, Art Tooth is a new hybrid project gallery that is dedicated to making invigorating art accessible, and solidifying Fort Worth’s reputation as an art destination. Join us as we present Amuse Bouche is a group exhibition showcasing some of the most exciting, contemporary artists working locally in a pop-up space provided by our friends at Gallery 76102. The exhibition will feature a delightful, focused array of emerging to mid-career artists that includes painting, sculpture, photography, and site-specific installation. Come get a taste of our inaugural season!
Lakeview Gallery at TCC
Northwest Campus

Gallery Night Hours: 9:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m.
On view: Psychedelicious. Tarrant County College Northwest’s Lakeview Gallery is pleased to present the 2D and 3D artwork of Betsey Gravatt, Blair Johnston, and Adam Palmer. Their group exhibition, Psychedelicious, is designed to stimulate the viewer’s senses using bright colors and bold shapes. Gravatt, Johnston, and Palmer’s work is influenced by pop culture, music, and human emotion—each abstracted enough to allow the viewer to have his or her own interpretation of the work.
Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth
Gallery Night Hours: 10:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m.
On view: Highlights from the Permanent Collection.
Sid Richardson Museum
Gallery Night Hours: 9:00 a.m.–8:00 p.m.On view: Legacy. Legacy presents themes that occupied artists Charles M. Russell, Frederic Remington, and their contemporaries throughout their careers—interaction among diverse peoples, featuring images of cowboys, soldiers, explorers, and indigenous Americans. The American West intrigued several generations of artists, and it continues to do so even today. The conflicts and cultural encounters that occurred among these people in the Nineteenth Century continue to impact life in America and may be some of the most significant legacies of the era of westward expansion.
The Art Galleries at TCU:
Fort Worth Contemporary Arts

Gallery Night Hours: noon–8:00 p.m.On view through October 1: JJ Peet and Rob Rhee. In sculpture, video, and photography, Peet and Rhee respond to the ways culture and technology imprint on and reshape our bodies. Their works amplify points of contact between human and machine, and challenge a popularly accepted belief that the condition of interface is a seamless and normal experience.

Image: Rob Rhee, Occupations of uninhabited space: KA-CHUNK, 2015. Martin gourd and brass-plated steel. 8” x 6 ½” x 7”.

The Gallery at UTA:
University of Texas at Arlington

Gallery Night Hours: noon–5:00 p.m.On view: Introductions 2016: Gregory Scott Cook, Matt Clark, and Daniel E. Garcia.

Image: Gregory Scott Cook, Without/Tears, 2014. Printed, embossed pencils, pencil sharpener. 2.5” x 4”.

Weiler House Fine Art Gallery
Gallery Night Hours: noon–9:00 p.m.
Refreshments: 5:00–9:00 p.m.On view: Works by Tim Herschbach and Michael S. Ryan. Weiler House Fine Art Gallery is proud to feature works by two very talented artists. Tim Herschbach, a talented photographer, captures the American landscape in both monochrome and rich, vibrant colors. Michael S. Ryan has been painting for over forty years in a rich, colorist style. His landscapes can be found in the permanent collections of the Cedar Rapids Museum of Art and the University of Iowa.
Arlington Museum of Art
Gallery Night Hours: 2:00–5:00 p.m.
On view through October 23: Ulterior Motifs. This exhibition, which features pieces from Texas contemporary artists, was organized and curated by brothers Bryan and Jeff Wheeler, whose work is also included. The collaborative project challenges the viewer to explore traditionally held beliefs about art, religion, politics, social media, and the world we live in. This year’s incarnation will bring pieces from heavy hitters in the Texas contemporary art scene such as Gary Sweeney; Sharon Kopriva; the Wheeler brothers; and Daniel Johnston, artist, musician, and subject of the 2005 documentary, The Devil and Daniel Johnston. The exhibition will have its official opening on September 17. The opening will be in addition to the Frame 4 Frame Film festival and music fest the weekend of September 16–18.Image: Jeff F. Wheeler, The Life of a Hunter, 2015. Mixed media on paper, 40” x 60”.
Artspace 111
Gallery Night Hours: noon–9:00 p.m.
On view: A Hundred Silent Ways, featuring work by Dallas artist Carly Allen-Martin. Inspired by the art of storytelling, Allen-Martin creates complex narratives through the careful placement of line and juxtapositions of color. Her latest body of work focuses on the physical process of painting, emphasizing rich colors, layers, textures, and a variety of surfaces. Ancillary galleries will include works by Artspace111 artists.
Fort Works Art
Gallery Night Hours: noon–11:00 p.m.On view: Fort Works Art’s first international showcase of artists. Coquette, an exhibition by artist Dan Lam will be the feature show. For Lam’s companion show, Fort Works Art has hand-selected nine artists working with similar artistic ideas and processes. 9 Grams will include work by artists Lee Hill, HOXXOH, Eric Inkala, Erik Jones, Locastro, Derick Smith, Wheron, Nick Wilkinson, and Ben Willis. This exhibit will delight your senses with color, texture, and energy.

Music by Ronnie Heart. Food trucks and treats.

Image: Dan Lam, Baby Soft, 2016.

Gallery 414
Gallery Night Hours: noon–9:00 p.m.
On view: Put on your thinking cap for Fort Worth artist Rob Caslin’s solo exhibition Sweat Saves Blood, an exhibition of interlocking bodies of work haunted by malevolent forces. The gallery becomes a tripartite apparatus, intoning psychic violence and the dissolution of spatial form. War Graffiti dominates the initial sequence functioning as textual provocation leading one into the transitional zone of Psychotropic Topographies. Terminating the sequence is an obdurate fortification oscillating between conduit/structure, which occupies the final sector as a Disaggregated Spatial Form.
Kimbell Art Museum
Gallery Night Hours: 10:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m.On view through September 11: The Brothers Le Nain: Painters of Seventeenth-Century France. The Brothers Le Nain: Painters of Seventeenth-Century France is the first major exhibition in the United States devoted to the Le Nain brothers, Antoine, Louis, and Mathieu, who were active in Paris during the 1630s and 1640s. It gathers more than forty of their best paintings and highlights the brothers’ full range of production, with altarpieces, private devotional paintings, portraits, and those poignant images of peasants on which their celebrity rests.

Image: Le Nain, Three Men and a Boy, c. 1640–1645. Oil on canvas. 21 1/4” x 25 3/8”. The National Gallery, London.

McAnthonys Multicultural Studio
and Gallery

Gallery Night Hours: 2:00–9:00 p.m.On view: Something New, Something Old, Something Touching, to the Soul.
Rebecca Low Sculptural Metal
Gallery & Studio

Gallery Night Hours: noon–9:00 p.m.On view: Works by Scott Shubin. Working with a variety of metals, found objects, and stone, Scott Shubin creates something out of nothing, giving it beauty and form. He often uses cantilevered elements with straight edges to curved elements that mimic nature. Creating sculptures is a transformative expletive for him and hopefully the viewer.

Also on view are new works by Rebecca Low, Nic Noblique, Michael Pavlovsky, Ralph Moresco, Terry Jones, David Mikitka, Ken O’Toole, and Dolly Valdez, and jewelry by Dale Ousley and Juliette Edgerton.

SiNaCa Studios School of Glass
Gallery Night Hours: noon–9:00 p.m.
On view: Glassblowing demonstrations by David Schnuckle. Join us to view Schnuckle’s work and witness his creative process live. “There’s a philosophy that motivates my technical investigations in the glassblowing studio: a total conviction to the church of ‘doing things well.’ It’s a continual consideration of what quality means…and the choreography of cup making manifests these contemplations of thought, care, and understanding in who, how, and what my actions affect throughout the process.”
The Art Galleries at TCU:
Moudy Gallery

Gallery Night Hours: noon–8:00 p.m.On view through September 22: Immigrant LaborersImmigrant Laborers is a photographic exhibition by artist Lupita Murillo Tinnen. The body of work challenges social realist depictions of immigrant laborers and instead pays homage to her sitters as individuals. In contrast to the stark realism of social documentary photography, a combination of text, graphics, and historical images of workers create narratives concerning the individuals portrayed. Fort Worth artist and curator, Raul Rodriguez, curated the exhibition and programming.
The Upstairs Gallery
Gallery Night Hours: noon–9:00 p.m.On view: New Paintings by Judy Gelfert. Her subjects are Texan, European, pastoral, and urban. Her style is gestural and realistic at the same time. Also on view is recent work by other gallery artists.
William Campbell Contemporary Art
Gallery Night Hours: noon–9:00 p.m.On view through October 15: Steve Murphy: All the Words Have Been SpokenAs a result of continued reductive investigation into the classical elements of sculpture, Murphy juxtaposes the elements of form, volume, surface, and edge into multiple formats. The works are created in such a way that they hint at motion that is about to occur or has just happened, allowing the viewer to feel as if there is more to the work than just the static object. Murphy’s intent is to be nonspecific, allowing the viewer to bring their own references to the work and find their unique connection to each piece.

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