Art of the Day: Mark Smith

Earth Below -Strata

Mark Smith
Earth Below: Strata
High density pigment on birch
62″ x 48″



2 thoughts on “Art of the Day: Mark Smith

  1. This is quite nice. It’s upbeat and whimsical with just enough steady right-angles. Within the picture, analysis is “squared” with amusement. So it has a poetic harmony, that’s understood on an intuitive rather than a forebrain, snap-shot or documentary level.

    1. Mark Smith’s work is truly exquisite. Smith begins his process by studying satellite images of the Earth’s surface. He then uses specialized software and digital drawing media to manipulate, deconstruct, and rebuild the images as nonrepresentational, abstract fields. He often incorporates digital samples of his earlier paintings as well. Coupled with the new imagery, these studies preserve visual matter while creating additional layers of history and referencing a metamorphosis—both on the Earth’s surface and in the artwork. The final paintings represent Smith’s “spontaneous responses” to these carefully researched and constructed drawings.

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